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Armenson Medal

The Armenson Medal has been granted since 2020 and began from a small share of personal funds set aside by J. A. Armenson. Soon after developing initial designs of the medal and creating a rulebook, J. A. Armenson handed responsibilities to Trustees and Jurors with the intent to voluntarily limit his direct involvement while continuing to oversee the selection process, participate in its key decisions and manage critical activities. The categories in which the medal is presented are Literature, Music, Cinema, Art, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, General.

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The Armenson Award

The Armenson Award is separate from the honorific medal above and will be given to people with outstanding achievement in Arts, Technology, Enterprise, Design and Policy.  The committee will be chaired by J. A. Armenson and prize money for each recipient will be disbursed from funds donated by J. A. Armenson. The year of commencement of the award has not been decided. 


A Cool World

A Cool World is a project being developed to fight climate change.